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Positive reframing to speed up Green Technology Adoption


Vertical farming


Positive Reframing to Speed up Green Technology Adoption

Many novel green technologies are not adopted at the necessary speed to achieve climate neutrality as fast as possible.  

The research idea pursued here is to create positive reframing of green technologies and to rigorously test the effects on people’s readiness to adopt these technologies and to invest into technical innovation around them. Specifically, for 3 concrete examples, positive reframings will be developed and empirically examined for their potential impact on a) adoption rates, b) creativity potential, and c) intention to innovate. We will therefore prototype general strategies by means of which the adoption of green technologies can be facilitated, which in turn can contribute to achieving climate neutrality earlier.

SDU researchers

  • Kerstin Fischer, Professor MSO, Department of Media, Design, Education and Cognition, Faculty of Humanities. 
  • Silke Tegtmeier, Associate Professor, Department of Technology and Innovation, Faculty of Engineering.