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LEARNING - Land-sEA inteRactions aNd clImate change




LEARNING - Land-sEA inteRactions aNd clImate change

Coastal areas are the world’s most populated zones and are changing and growing fast. Anthropic activities and extreme climate events threaten natural areas, communities and settlements. Understanding the environmental status of our coastal and marine environments will support the identification of priority areas in which restoration of natural elements (e.g., algae, wetlands) will further enhance the capacity to counteract both short and long-term climate impacts and carbon sequestration.

The project will elaborate a “high-definition” analysis of the coastal continuum through the employment of UAV technology (drones) to detect environmental issues and map them to enable administration and policymakers to defend our coastal and marine environment.

SDU researchers

  • Alberto Innocenti, Assistant Professor, Department of Technology and Innovation, Faculty of Engineering. 
  • Cintia O. Quintana, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science.
  • Henrik Skov Midtiby, Associate Professor, Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, Faculty of Engineering.