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Research projects

Food system transition towards a "climate diet" - taste as a driver for change


Climate friendly food 

The proposed project will analyze Danish food companies’ active role in shaping the Danish food market – promoting and supporting Danish consumers’ behavior leading to the needed transition of the food market system towards a reduction of GHG emissions. Specifically, the main research objective of the proposed project is twofold and as follows: To investigate taste as a driver for companies’ development of food products that can promote consumers’ willingness to adopt a climate-friendly diet; and to understand how companies’ investments into developing respective food products can be upscaled.

SDU researchers

  • Jochen Theis, Associate Professor, Department of Business and Management, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.  
  • Kristin Munksgaard, Professor MSO, Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.
  • Mathias Porsmose Clausen, Associate Professor, Department of Green Technology, Faculty of Engineering.