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A key activity of SDU Climate Cluster will be dialogues with foundations, research policy networks, lawmakers (both MPs and SDU-local politicians), civil servants, business, national and international research environments etc.

Knowledge dissemination and dialogue about the latest climate research is a central focal point for a number of SDU Climate Cluster’s activities such as the development of seminars, climate podcasts and films, online teaching elements, organisation of workshops, study tours, lectures and much more.

As the activities and news are planned, they will be published on this website.

If you have a brainwave for a collaborative project or knowledge-sharing activity, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our climate research efforts at SDU will only take us so far, because after all, SDU is not alone in the world. It is important that we also build bridges with both national and international universities as well as external stakeholders and collaborators outside of academia. Here, SDU Climate Cluster can serve as a crucial force for change.

Sebastian Mernild, Pro-rector, Climate Professor, IPCC Lead Author and Interim Head of SDU Climate Cluster

Last Updated 08.04.2022