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Please find the list of current employees at the bottom of the page.


Inbound employees

  • Nezhla Aghaei, MSCA Fellow // 26.04.2021-


Research affiliates


Current employees

QM - Center for Quantum Mathematics

First Name Last NameTitlePhoneE-mail
Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen Professor, Head of Centre 65508669 
Christof Geiss Professor  
Vivek Shende Professor  
Nezhla Aghaei Postdoc  
Yuki Koyanagi Postdoc  
Nadia Ott Postdoc  
Shan Shan Postdoc  
Konstantin Wernli Postdoc  
Yang Huang Visiting Researcher  
Roberta Iseppi Visiting Researcher  
Calvin Pfeifer PhD Student   
Tim Henke PhD Student  
Santiago Quintero de los Rios PhD Student  
Jane Jamshidi Centre Administrator 65507359 


Last Updated 26.11.2020