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Human Health

About Human Health

Human Health is SDU’s research platform for interdisciplinary research into social and human factors for successful health communication and health care intervention. Such knowledge is essential to enable the health care system to understand what it means to live with a disease and to communicate across human differences in terms of social and cultural background.

Human Health brings together strong research environments across the humanities, health sciences and social sciences. More than 60 researchers are working together through a combination ofdifferent research themes, traditions and methods. While the overall aim of Human Health is to promote health and well-being and to reduce health inequalities, the aspiration of every Human Health research project is to ensure that knowledge of social and human factors become an integral part of health communication and healthcare interaction in the Danish healthcare system.

Human Health is based on the following guiding principles: 

  • Interdisciplinary research at the intersection between health sciences, social sciences and the humanities
  •  Practice-based research through partnerships between research, the healthcare system and health organisations
  • Co-creation through the involvement of citizens, patients, relatives, healthcare professionals and decision makers

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Last Updated 29.01.2021