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PhD projects

Current PhD projects

Melissa Goodsite Beach (Faculty of Business and Social Science)
Hoping to go digital? Opportunities and pitfalls during the transition from adoption to use of digital innovation technologies.
PhD period: December 2017 - November 2020

Vella Somoza Sanchez (Faculty of Business and Social Science)
Big data analysis for lead user identifikation using mixed qualitative and quantitative approaches
PhD period: Januar 2017-December 2019

Completed PhD projects

Henrik Blichfeldt (Faculty of Engineering)
Investigating innovative technologies to increase the competitive advantage in manufacturing SME's
PhD period: October 2013 – September 2017

Anders Dahl Krabbe (Faculty of  Business and Social Science)
The Cultural Dimensions of Global R & D and Innovation
PhD period: May 2014 - April 2017

Marianne H. Frederiksen (Faculty of Engineering)
Pushing Creativity
PhD period: February 2012 – January 2016 

Nadika Bulathsinhala (Faculty of Engineering)
Innovation Processes in the Energy Sector
PhD-defence: February 28th 2013 

Tina Lundø Tranekjer (Faculty of Social Sciences)
The Role of Knowledge Sharing in Outsourcing and Open Innovation
PhD-defence: March 22nd 2013

Lisbeth Brøde Jepsen (Faculty of Social Sciences)
Orchestration of Internal and External Information Sharing by the Project Manager – Three Essays on New Product Development Projects
PhD-defence: April 8th 2013

Özge Cokpekin (Faculty of Social Sciences)
Managing Creativity for Innovation
PhD-defence: April 12th 2013



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