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Centre for Culture and Technology

Terraforming Planets, Geoengineering Earth

Jim Fleming

See flyer here.

Date and time: Tuesday, November 29, 2022, 15:00 (CET). 

Location: Zoom (link and registration info will follow)

The deepening climate crisis is accompanied by proposals to manipulate the Earth’s climate. How are we to assess the merits and risks of such schemes? In this talk, Professor Jim Fleming (Colby College), a historian of the geophysical sciences, discusses the links between the history of planetary manipulation fantasies and attempts to geoengineer Earth and asks what role interdisciplinary and humanities scholarship can play in shaping climate change policy. 

Jim Fleming is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Science, Technology, and Society, Emeritus, at Colby College. He has earned degrees in astronomy (B.S. Penn State University), atmospheric science (M.S. Colorado State University) and history (Ph.D. Princeton University). His research interests involve the history of the geophysical sciences, especially meteorology and climate change. He has written extensively on the history of weather, climate, technology, and the environment including social, cultural, and intellectual aspects.

The seminar is organized by the Center for Culture and Technology in collaboration with SDU Climate Cluster and the Environmental Humanities Network.

For inquiries, please contact the main organizer Casper Sylvest:

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