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CAR-T treatment of multiple myeloma

The picture shows a CAR-T cell product that is ready for thawing in a warm water bath and subsequent administration to a patient with multiple myeloma. 

Multiple myeloma is a serious cancer of the bone marrow. The treatment of multiple myeloma has improved, seeing an increase in life expectancy from diagnosis from about 3 years to more than 10 years. However, the disease remains incurable. It is our hope that CAR-T cell therapy can cure some patients with multiple myeloma. So far, experience shows that treatment with CAR-T is highly effective in almost all patients and results in long disease-free periods. However, CAR-T cell therapy for patients with multiple myeloma is not yet approved as standard treatment in Denmark. 

We are currently participating in ongoing studies of commercially available CAR-T cells; Ciltacel (Carvykti®) and Idecel (Abecma®) in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma. 

The next step is producing our own academic CAR-T cells for multiple myeloma in-house.

Last Updated 23.02.2024