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Development of CAR NK cells

While CAR-T cell therapy has revolutionized the use of living cells to treat cancer, it has also opened up the possibility of utilizing other parts of the body's immune system to develop new groundbreaking treatments. Here at CITCO, we are developing a new generation of CAR-based cell therapy, which uses other important immune cells called 'NK cells' rather than T cells. Like T cells, NK cells are also able to eliminate unwanted cells in the body; however, they have the important advantage that they can be used from healthy blood donors, instead of having to take the cells from the often very ill cancer patients. This enables CAR NK-cell treatments to be prepared in advance, and stored as an "off-the-shelf" product, which is ready for immediate use. Thus, with CAR NK-cell therapy, we can in the future ensure a much faster and more accessible cancer treatment, which can be given to several patients at once.

Last Updated 23.02.2024