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PHD defense

Calvin Pfeifer obtains QM’s first PhD degree

In November 2023 Centre for Quantum Mathematics realized the first PhD degree obtained by Calvin Pfeifer.

By Jane Jamshidi & Louise Damkjær, , 11/10/2023

Calvin Pfeifer’s research surfaces between pure mathematics and theoretical physics and empathizes particularly on representation theory and quantum field theories.

His PhD thesis On τ -tilted representation types and affine GLS algebras investigate different variations of representation types in stability and τ -tilting theory. From this point of view, it studies Geiß-Leclerc-Schröer’s algebras (GLS algebras) associated to affine Cartan matrices with symmetrizer and orientation.

The assessment committee consisting of Professor Sibylle Schroll (Mathematic Institute, University of Cologne), David Kyed (IMADA, Southern University of Denmark) and Jan Schröer (Mathematic Institute, University of Bonn) define Calvin’s thesis with several striking new results which are publishable in scientific mathematical journals. It covers topics of τ -tilting theory, stability, schemes of modules, representation theory of species and GLS algebras, and shows all the relevant research literature on τ -tilting theory and that he masters all necessary mathematical tools. Furthermore, he also formulates new questions and conjectures which will stimulate future research, the assessment committee remarks.

Calvin is a very proficient researcher, and we look forward to following him in his future research.


Calvin was enrolled as a PhD student at IMADA, the Southern University of Denmark in September 2020, following his MS degree in Mathematics from Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm University of Bonn in April the same year.

Professor Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen was supervisor accompanied by Assistant Professor Fabian Haiden as co-supervisor, which gave Calvin his association with the Centre for Quantum Mathematics.

Calvin Pfeifer’s PhD thesis

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Editing was completed: 10.11.2023