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In this project we are investigating how the 3D chromatin structure and the crosstalk between regulatory elements in the genome determine lineage fate decisions of mesenchymal stem cells, in particular how this drives commitment and differentiation of the adipocyte lineage.

We have shown that there is significant crosstalk between enhancers and that these form communities of highly interconnected enhancers that appear to play a role in driving differentiation. We study the role of architectural proteins in this process; and using genome-editing, we are studying how individual enhancers contribute to this network.

We are partners in the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Genomic Mechanisms of Disease at the Broad Institute and collaborate closely with the researchers at the Broad Institute to discover how genome variation near adipocyte genes affect transcriptional output and adipocyte function.




This project is supported by grants from The Novo Nordisk Foundation, Independent Research Fund Denmark, and EU.


People involved

Esra Duraz Mitchell

 Esra Durmaz Mitchell (Maternity leave)



Vallari Shukla


Anna Cetnarowska

 Anna Cetnarowska

PhD student

Marcus Nygård  

Marcus Nygård

PhD student

Laura Holm

Laura Kristine Holm

Project student


Relevant publications

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Last Updated 07.11.2023