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Human Health

Soeren Harnow Klausen

Department for the Study of Culture

Phone: +45 6550 3334

Søren Harnow Klausen is professor of philosophy at the Department for the Study of Culture at SDU, head of the research group Values, Welfare and Health Communication and leader of the project Elderly Wellbeing and Alcohol – A Tricky Cocktail (funded by the VELUX Foundation). Having worked in many different subfields of philosophy, including epistemology, philosophy of mind, phenomenology and the philosophy of science, he now specializes in happiness and wellbeing theory and value theory more generally, trying to work out a process-oriented, holistic and interpersonal theory of wellbeing, as well as to conceptualize the different ways in which individuals can maintain wellbeing by adapting to new circumstances. He focuses especially on older adults wellbeing (including the impact of good or ill health and the consequences of cognitive or physical impairment), and is also concerned with developing and testing new qualitative research methods and ways of doing philosophy on an empirical basis. Søren Harnow Klausen is currently involved in the establishment of a Centre for Health-Related Philosophy at SDU, in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences and Odense University Hospital.