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HADAL in the media

Microscope images of hadal sediment

9/04/2023 - Ronnie Glud was featured in "Politikken" because of his 60 years birthday.

link to the teaser 


9/04/2023 - Hiroshi Kitazato and Anni Glud participated in documentary on Japanese national television NHK with the title:

"Darwin comes" - link to the tweet from NHK

The program is about  a scientific cruise from Okinawa to Yokohama with  DSSV Pressure Drop and the submarine The Limiting Factor - examining  some of the deepest trenches on earth.


4/01/2023 - Ronnie Glud was interview in radio4 - "Kraniebrud"  

Det dybeste af det dybe - hadalgravenes hemmeligheder


December 2022 issue - Ny Viden (SDU research magazine)

'Kulstof, sod og partikler fra forbrænding ender i dybhavsgravene' (in Danish)

Carbon, soot and particles from combustion end up in deep-sea trenches (in English)


25/8/2022 - SDU News . Study finds microbes with a surprising appetite - Interview with Peter Stief


24/2/2022 - SDU News -There hasn’t really been much interest in the dead interview with Belén Franco-Cisterna


21/12/2023 - Ronnie Glud was interviewed in radio4 - "Missionen"  

Vi nyder mørket


10/12/2022 - SDU News

New, blue fish found in deep-sea trench


23/3/2023 - Belen Franco-Cisterna: Interview in Kristeligt Dagblad

Døde vandlopper gavner miljøet.


17/01/2022 - Bo Thamdrup participated in the programme "Vildt Naturligt" with the title:

"Hvem gider bo på dybhavets bund?"


18/12 2021 - Presentation by Kazumasa Oguri about Dr. Shizuo Ishiguro. Event is organized by Marine Education Symposium in Nagasaki


13/12 2021 - Ronnie Glud interviewed in TV2 News about deep sea mining


12/12/2021 - Kazumasa Oguri interviewed by Japanese newspaper "Nikkei" about the physical oceanographer Dr. Shizuo Ishiguro who developed an analog computer to predict storm surge


12/11-2021 - Press release from SDU

Dybhavsgrave bliver ved at overraske!


18/10-2021 - Zetland podcast med Ronnie Glud

En storstilet skattejagt er begyndt på havets bund. Kan det redde verden - eller forbande den?


26/05-2021 - Press release from SDU

Kviksølv hober sig op i dybhavsgravene!!

27/11 2020 - Center Director Ronnie Glud featured on Danish National Television (TV2, Go'Morgen Danmark)

November 2020 issue - Ny Viden (SDU research magazine) pp. 28-31

"På Havets Dybeste Bund" (in Danish)

12/11 2020 - SDU Campus News

Ready to explore the hadal zones - inauguration of basic research center for deep-sea research

11/11 2020 - SDU News

In search of the deepest secrets of the sea

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