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Amphipods consuming bait over a 10 hours period at

6980m depht in the Atacama Trench

@Alan Jamison, Newcastle University




May 25 - 2024

Ronnie Glud and Dorthe Krause-Jensen participated in BLOOM2024  where they  discussed the following: 

På havets bund: Havbunden er  hjemsted for et væld af liv. Men hvordan påvirkes den af kvælstofudledninger, minedrift og stigende temperaturer?  En dybhavsforsker og en marinøkolog gør status over levevilkårene på verdenshavenes dybeste dybder og i de kystnære danske farvande.

see program here...

Bloom festival 2024


May 2  2024

Lisbeth and Leah held a workshop for "The Academy for young talented students"



 April  2024

Open day at SDU - where Leah and Lisbeth introduced our HADAL Center and our work to the public.


February 2 2024

Ronnie Glud participating in Word Festival in Momentum in Odense 

Title: Udforskning af livet på verdens største havdybder.


December  2023

 Ronnie Glud gave a talk in   The Royal Danish Academy of Science, Copenhagen

Title: Liv og elementkredsløb i de dybeste oceaniske kløfter på jorden.


November 2023 

Mathias Middelboe gave a talk at "Øresundsakvariet"



November 2023 

Ronnie Glud and Wenjie Xiao participated in the 3'rd Shanghai Deep Sea Biogeochemistry  conference at Shanghai University.

Ronnie Glud visited Shanghai Jiao Tong University and gave a talk.

Ronnie Glud participated in DOME (Deep Sea Microbiomes & Ecosystems) workshop - a large UN research project under UN Ocean Decade.

Ronnie Glud participated in panel discussion in the Worlds Lecturette Organization - where top researchers discussed the impinging challenges: Climate change and marine negative CO2 emission.



November 23 2023 

TUMSAT Special Exhibition "Door to the Hadal:  Footprints of research cruises operated by TUMSAT"

Main Guest speaker:  Dr. Kazumasa Oguri .  Challenges to the Hadal: Technological developments of the  Deep-sea Research from the historical backgrounds, present states, and the future directions.

Facilitator and speaker: Prof. Hiroshi Kitazato:  Challenge to the Hadal :  Technological developments vs. Scientific demands



October 23 2023

Ronnie Glud gave a talk at Tokyo University.

Title:  Life and element cycling at the deepest oceanic trenches on Earth.


July 9  - October 9 2023 

Hiroshi Kitazato was involved in an exhibition at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo, "The Oceans".


July 11 - 15 2023 

Ronnie Glud and Kazumasa Oguri participated in "The international Conference on Biology, Geology, and Environment of Hadal Trenches" in Sanya, Hainan, China.

Ronnies title: Benthic element cycling and microbial life in the hadal trenches

Kazumasas title: Sediment accumulation and carbon burial in different hadal trench systems.


March 2 2023 

Hadal center has been involved in a new world record! Please look at the Guiness Japan website


March 16 2023

JP Balmonte and Sachia Traving give a talk in Dansk Selskab for Marinbiologi in Copenhagen.

Title: Marine biology in the dark - a deep dive into the deep sea research with the global leaders in the field.



November 12 2022 

Mathias Middelboe participated in a panel discussion "I Galathea 2 - ekspeditionens ånd" arranged by the Museum of Natural History and Cinemateket



September 23 2022 

Belén Anais Franco Cisterna gave talk in the 3rd

  seminar of the Deep-Sea Biology Society  Seminar Series

Title: Effect of hydrostatic pressure on organic matter export to fuel deep-sea life.


 September 16  2022

Peter Stief gave a presentation in the 7th international Workshop on Deep Sea Microbiology.

Title: Marine snow in the deep sea? Effect of hydrostatic pressure on microbial degradation and colonization of model diatom aggregates.


 August 8 2022 

Ronnie Glud invited talk at University of British Columbia

Title:  Life and element cycling at the deepest trenches on Earth


 August  8 2022 

Hiroshi Kitazato being interviewed on DSSV Pressure Drop by the Japanese television channel - NHK


A. Glud


May 28 2022 

Ronnie Glud participated in DIAS panel discussion on natural, political and commercial changes in the Arctic -  at the Harbor Festival in Odense.



28 April 2022 

Hiroshi Kitazato give outreach lecture to high school students at Tokai University at Nagano Prefecture.

Title Challenges to the Hadal Realm of the Oceans: the Last Frontier on the Earth.


March 2022 (17:00 - 19:00)

Ronnie Glud gave a talk at Folkeuniversitetet i Ålborg

Title: Dybhavets forunderlige verden: Processer og mikrober i dybhavet; nøgle faktorer i Jordens udvikling og elementkredsløb.


February 3  2022 (11:00 - 12:00)

Ronnie Glud gave a  talk at the University of Vienna, Dept. for Bio-Oceanography & Marine Biology. 

Title: Life and element cycles in the deepest trenches on Earth.


December 2 2021

Ronnie Glud: Folkeuniversitetet i Odense

Title: Dybhavets forunderlige verden.


November  19 2021

Ronnie Glud: International symposium on Deep Sea Biogeochemistry.

Title: Benthic carbon mineralization at great Oceanic depht.


November 17 2021 

Ronnie Glud: Microflora Danica event at University of Aalborg

TitleLife and element cycling in the deepest trenches on Earth.


 November 15 2021

Ronnie Glud: The annual Congress 2021 in the Danish Microbial Society.

TitleLife and element cycling in the deepest trenches on Earth.


April 9 2021 

Peter Stief talk at Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen.

Title: Micobial degradation of "marine snow" at high pressure: Respiration measurements in a rotating pressure tank.


 February 13 2021

Hiroshi Kitazato gave a talk at Tochigi Study Center of Open University of Japan.

Title: Last frontier on Earth: Challenges to the research of hadal environments and life!  (67 persons + one dog took part in the zoom talk)


December 1 2020 

Mathias Middelboe gave a talk at 'Kaffeklubben' - DTU Aqua's Seminar Series.

'Bacteria and viruses at extreme oceanic depths (8000-10000 m): Spatial variations and evidence of prophage-encoded genes supporting bacterial growth in hadal sediments'



December 1 2020

Clemens Schauberger gave a talk at SDU Microbiology Lecture Series

Title: Hadal trenches are hotspots for microbial life in the deep sea



October 28 and  November 3 2020 

Ronnie Glud and Bo Barker Jørgensen (Dept. of Biology, Aarhus University) gave a joint public lecture about the deep sea and their research, live from Aarhus University and broadcast virtually to audiences across Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.


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