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The Danish Center for Risk and Safety Management (RISK) is a jointly coordinating center of University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Aalborg University (AAU) which was established in 2013 with financial support of SDU, AAU and Claus Sørensens Fond to carry out research in risk and safety management and also to support local educational development in Esbjerg. Department of Build Environment (AAU), Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics (SEBE, SDU) and Department of Public Health (SDU) are the key contributors to this center.

Our aim is to conduct cross-disciplinary researches on various dimensions of risk applications related to engineering, economics, natural resource management, climate change, energy transition, business management, OHSE, maritime safety and also risk research in environment and human behavior. This center also offers an international MSc degree in Risk and Safety Management. For more information, please visit Aalborg University: