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News On-Demand

While linear TV is a preferred way of getting the news, year after year it loses audience to streaming services where news content has more difficult conditions. As this trend continues, citizens might struggle to keep being informed about societal affairs, which could have detrimental consequences to democracy. This project aims to come up with solutions for this challenge by investigating novel strategies for news broadcasters to recapture the audiences fleeing to the online medium.

Some of our current projects are:

  • A conceptual paper developing a conceptual framework for the affective structure of on-demand news messages
  • A psychophysiological study testing whether a “Batman Affective Structure” with two peaks of arousal (one in the beginning of the news story and one in the end) is more engaging than the traditional inverted pyramid in streaming platforms
  • A qualitative study on news organizations to elucidate current team habits for the production of online news, and ways to implement new strategies
  •  A content analysis of the front page of the on-demand platforms of TV2 and DR (two of the main Danish broadcasters) to examine the current weight and characteristics of video news in the streaming environment

Lucía Cores-Sarría, Post Doc (

Project participants:
Lene Heiselberg (
Morten Skovsgaard (
Markus Becker (
Bert Bakker (


Last Updated 21.11.2022