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Citizens, digitalisation, and AI (CDAI)

What are citizens’ attitudes and opinions about digitalization and Artificial Intelligence?  What are their fears and hopes?  What are their knowledge levels and uncertainties? The CDAI project aims to investigate Danish citixens' attitudes towards digitalisation, algorithms, and AI, as well as their impact on democracy, by mapping public opinion over time and comparing it internationally.

First round

In the first round of the CDAI project, we have focused on the Danish population's digital literacy, digital safety and the use of social media as news sources.

In the first report from the project, we investigate how Danes' digital understanding, digital skills, and digital safety relate to one another, and to what extent are they connected to Danes' trust in algorithms. Our interest in this topic stems from the fact that digital literacy and safety are important democratic virtues in contemporary society, and crucial in order to actively participate in contemporary society and to protect oneself from issues such as fake news, disinformation, and cyber threats.
The results of this investigation are presented in the Danish report, 'Danskernes digitale forståelse, digitale kompetencer og digitale adfærd'.
Learn more about digital inequality, Danes' trust in algorithms,  and read the report  HERE

The second report from the project ‘Danskernes brug af de sociale medier som nyhedskilder’ examines the Danes’ use of social media as news sources. This includes mapping the prevalence of using social media as news sources, which media platforms are used, and who uses them. Our interest in this topic stems from the fact that with the spread of social media, there has been a diversification in the media landscape, where people today are free to choose between public service media, commercial media, alternative media, and social media, all competing for users' attention. Additionally, our interest stems from the fact that the use of social media as news sources is associated with an increased risk of encountering fake news, disinformation, and content that is not journalistically quality-assured or fact-checked.
To learn more about Danes' use of social media news sources, read the report HERE

Second round

In the second round of the project, we will focus on Danes' attitudes, fears, and hopes regarding the digitalization of the public sphere. In addition, we will investigate their online political engagement and participation in political debates on social media, as well as their views on freedom of speech online and online moderation.
The second round of data collection will take place in the beginning of 2023.


Mia Stenbro Lorenzen, Research Assistant (



Last Updated 26.04.2023