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Eplainable AI and the Law

Lawyers are required to know a huge amount of law, rulings, and legal texts to give good responsible answers to their clients. The skill difference of lawyers can be vast because of the importance of experience. An experienced lawyer could find and answer a question much faster than a novice due to them knowing which legal texts are relevant and which are irrelevant.  

This project aims to create an AI based tool for Danish lawyers and other legal experts to test cases. A lawyer would provide the tool with the facts of the case and then ask the tool questions. This tool will be built using a rule-based system which allows the system to explain its answers. A tool able to explain itself is not only easier to understand, but it is also much easier to find mistakes in the rules and reasoning of the tool, resulting in improvements of the tool. 

Luís Cruz-Filipe, Associate Professor ( )

Last Updated 19.12.2022