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New in vitro bioavailability models to avoid animal studies

Enabling formulations, such as amorphous solid dispersions, contain a mixture of additives. In our novel experimental set-up we can look at the dissolution process and simultaneously at permeation. These parameters are interdependent in the case of enabling drug formulations, and experimental exploration gives us a better understanding of the principle of increased bioavailability for each type of such formulations.

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Key publications

Fong, Sophia Yui Kau; Bauer-Brandl, A., Brandl, M.: Oral bioavailability enhancement through supersaturation: an update and meta-analysis  (2017) Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 14, 403-426, DOI: 10.1080/17425247.2016.1218465

Sironi, D., Christensen, M., Rosenberg, J., Bauer-Brandl, A., Brandl, M.: Evaluation of a dynamic dissolution- /permeation model: mutual influence of dissolution and barrier-flux under non-steady state conditions.  (2017) Int. J. Pharmaceutics, 522, 50-57,

Sironi, D., Rosenberg, J., Bauer-Brandl, A., Brandl, M.: Dynamic dissolution- /permeation-testing of nano- and microparticle formulations of fenofibrate  (2017), Eur. J. Pharm. Sci 96, 20-27,

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