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Research areas

The group integrates product design, processing technology and pharmacokinetic modelling for the development of Personalised Precision Medicines.

Precision Medicines – better and faster

We pace the way to optimum medicines while cutting down on animal studies.

Formulations and Personalisation of Medicines:

For effective and safe medicines, the active substances need to be prepared into “formulations”, ensuring that correct doses of the drug reach the site of action in the body in sufficient concentration during required time periods. Many new drug substances are poorly soluble and lack good transport capacity across biological barriers on their way to the sites of action. In these cases, advanced enabling formulations need to be developed. It is our goal to find the best enabling formulations, speed up the development process while reducing the number of animal tests.

Chemical substances are screened for their (physico-chemical) properties; compatibility with additives to be used in medicinal products and processing of these materials into medicines. Biopharmaceutical aspects, e.g. the effect of the digestive system on the performance of such preparations, as well as quality assurance and shelf life considerations are also considered.

Particular Research Interests in the Drug Transport & Delivery Group

Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy University of Southern Denmark

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