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EVALIGN: Visual Evaluation of Translation Alignment Models
Tariq Yousef, Gerhard Heyer, Stefan Jänicke
Proceedings of the 17th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations

Named Entity Annotation Projection Applied to Classical Languages
Tariq Yousef, Chiara Palladino, Gerhard Heyer, Stefan Jänicke
Proceedings of the 7th Joint SIGHUM Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Literature

Transformer-Based Named Entity Recognition for Ancient Greek
Tariq Yousef, Chiara Palladino, Stefan Jänicke
Proceedings of the DH2023

Kusnick, J., Lichtenberg, S., & Jänicke, S. (2023). Visualization-based Scrollytelling of Coupled Threats for Biodiversity, Species and Music Cultures.

Victor Mireles, Stephanie Billib, Artem Revenko, Stefan Jänicke, Frank Uiterwaal, Pavel Pecina (2023). Exploratory Analysis of the Applicability of Formalised Knowledge to Personal Experience Narration. 5th International Data Science Conference (iDSC)

Stefan Jänicke (2023) Towards Building an Infrastructure to Keeping Alive and Conveying the Memories of Victims of Nazi Persecution. Proceedings of the DH2023.


Visual evaluation of translation alignment data
Tariq Yousef, Stefan Jänicke
Eurographics Proceedings © 2022 The Eurographics Association. EuroVis 22

Meinecke, C., Hall, C., & Jänicke, S. (2022). Towards enhancing virtual museums by contextualizing art through interactive visualizations. ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, 15(4), 1-26.

Mayr, E., Windhager, F., Liem, J., Beck, S., Koch, S., Kusnick, J., & Jänicke, S. (2022, October). The multiple faces of cultural heritage: Towards an integrated visualization platform for tangible and intangible cultural assets. In 2022 IEEE 7th Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities (VIS4DH) (pp. 13-18). IEEE.

Khulusi, R., Billib, S., & Jänicke, S. (2022). Exploring life in concentration camps through a visual analysis of prisoners’ diaries. Information, 13(2), 54.


A survey of text alignment visualization
Tariq Yousef, Stefan Janicke
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 27 (2), 1149-1159



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