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Steering Commitee

Carolin Löscher

Associate professor

Phone: +45 6550 8456

Carolin Regina Löscher, Associate professor, DIAS fellow, Villum Young Investigator

Nordcee and DIAS, Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark, Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Dr. Carolin Löscher is a marine biologist by training. She spent several years at the Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research- GEOMAR, to study the Ocean’s nitrogen and carbon cycles using molecular, biogeochemical and model-based approaches, and organized several research cruises.

Together with her group, she currently studies the response of the marine microbes to climate change and climate extremes. She is particularly interested in microbes involved in major biogeochemical cycles (carbon and nitrogen), their response to changes in the ocean’s pH and oxygen status. In addition, Dr Löscher aims at mapping resilience patterns of microbes in the ocean and in finding strategies to protect marine biodiversity, and to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Dr Löscher has been involved in several oceanographic cruises to the Labrador and Greenland Seas. Her group is currently involved in monitoring the response of microbial plankton to Ocean acidification, and on how the natural potential can be used to mitigate climate change in waters of the Danish strait and in Disko Bay.