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Plan of Halikarnassos

Sites and places

Plan of the city of Halikarnassos (N. Bargfeldt and F.S. Nielsen).

    Classical Period

  1. Apollo Sanctuary
  2. Sanctuary of Demeter 
  3. City Wall 
  4. The Mausolleion 
  5. Palace of Maussollos 
  6. Sanctuary of Mars
  7. Temple at Türkkuyusu

    Hellenistic Period

  8. Salmakis Fountain
  9. Hellenistic House
  10. Theatre
  11. Gymnasion

    Roman Imperial Period

  12. Stadion
  13. Doric Stoa

    Late Antiquity 

  14. House of Charidemos
  15. House and Basilica at the American Hospital
  16. House in Eskiçeşme
  17. Late Antique Mosaic on Zephyrion
  18. House of the Panthers
  19. House of Dionysos
  20. House of the Lion


  21. West Necropolis
  22. East Necropolis
  23. North Necropolis
  24. Türkuyusu Necropolis in Davut Sokak

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