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SDU and QM is part of a Quantum-proof network in the project

SDU prepares Danish society for the quantum-proof communication of the future in the new established quantum-encrypted communication network.

By Louise Damkjær, , 1/2/2023

SDU and three other Danish universities and four government ministries are establishing the Danish Quantum Communication Infrastructure project (QCI.DK). The purpose of QCI.DK is to establish and test an experimental quantum-proof network to remain at the forefront of technological developments and maintaining data security. 

QM Quantum Computing Initiative takes part in the project

The project will be the first deployment in Denmark of advanced national quantum systems in a versatile network that supports real-life applications of quantum key distribution (QKD). The QM Quantum Computing Initiative at Centre of Quantum Mathematics takes part in the project, which both involves installing the physical infrastructure and educating the partners and other stakeholders in QKD, which is the quantum technology that underlies the network.

There is a global race to develop quantum technologies, which will lead to significant changes in society. Denmark is in good position and with this research project we get the opportunity to test the huge potential of the technology on our data infrastructure

Morten Bødskov, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

Unique collaboration

Denmark has a strong international position in the field of quantum technology and the project has solid support thanks to a wide range of partners, including, in addition to the universities and ministries, the Danish E-infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC) and the quantum startup Sparrow Quantum.

QCI.DK is Denmark's contribution to the European initiative EuroQCI, which aims to establish a secure quantum communication infrastructure spanning all EU member states and to protect sensitive data and critical infrastructure against cyberattacks.


Total budget: 6 million EUR

The project has received funding from the European Union's Digital Europe programme under Grant agreement No 101091659.

Project duration: 2.5 years, starting January 2023

QCI.DK partners: Technical University of Denmark (coordinator), University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University, Danish e-infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC), Sparrow Quantum, Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Editing was completed: 02.01.2023