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If you would like to contribute with a comment based in your research on any of the themed workshops, please contact the moderator(s).



Victor Martin-Sanchez (SDU) 
David Urbano (CREIS-UAB & ECSB) 

Institutions and Entrepreneurship 

Martin Hannibal (SDU)
Maria Uzhegova (LUT)

Sustainability and IE/SME

Maria Elo (SDU)
Per Servais (LNU)

Migrant-and refugee entrepreneurship

Maria Elo (SDU)
Niina Nummela (UTU)
Wilhelm Barner-Rasmussen (ABO)

Cosmopolitan entrepreneurship and -business

Yi Wang (SDU)
Elizabeth Rose (IIMU)

International Entrepreneurship in emerging markets

Ingo Winkler (SDU)

Can we educate students to become sustainable entrepreneurs?

Elke Weik (SDU)
Mette Lund (SDU)

Challenges to entrepreneurship in the turn toward sustainability: Liminality and aesthetic capitalism

Erik S. Rasmussen (SDU)

Resilience of future INV’s in times of deglobalization and external shocks

Agnieszka Nowinska (AAU)
Kenneth Nygaard (AAU)

Migrants careers in entrepreneurship and beyond

Nicolaj Hannesbo Petersen (UCL)

Driving and moderating forces of internationalization – entrepreneurs, technology, sustainability or business model innovation?

Lasse Torkkeli (UTU)

International Social Entrepreneurship

Hamid Etemad (McGill University)

Active integration and use of Industry 4.0 by iSMEs from the outset


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