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Cochrane Denmark & CEBMO

Get involved

If you would like to know more about getting involved in our work then please contact Camilla Hansen Nejstgaard at


How can you be involved in our research?

As a student you can be involved in four different ways:

  • As a student researcher on already planned projects
  • As part of an undergraduate research year, where you lead your own project
  • As a Master’s thesis student
  • As part of an internship

What types of research can you do?

You can be involved in many projects. Our main research areas are:

  • Bias in clinical trials
  • Bias in systematic reviews
  • Placebo effects
  • Industry funding and conflicts of interest in biomedical research
  • Citation practices in biomedical research
  • Screening and overdiagnosis

Why should you get involved?

  • Because research is fun
  • Because skills in evidence-based medicine is useful when you start your professional career
  • Because getting your research published is awesome
  • Because we make great coffee



Cochrane Denmark & Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Odense (CEBMO) - Department of Clinical Research - University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 17.11.2022