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Register your research

The lawyers at SDU RIO examine and approve the registration of research projects that process personal data.

Personal data is any piece of information about an identifiable person, such as name, e-mail, personal identification number, address, health information, race or sexual orientation, etc.

Read the guide on how to process personal data for research.

Previously, it was a required that registration be carried out using the SDU's umbrella scheme, but, it is now SDU RIO that administers the project list and approves all scientific and statistical projects for SDU according to the Data Protection Regulation.


Approval of your registration

If there is anything unclear about the project or deficiencies in the material, the lawyers at SDU RIO will contact you and obtain the missing information prior to approval.  If we consider that the requirements in accordance with the regulations on data protection have been complied with, we will send an internal "permit" (in the form of a statement) so that you may process data as part of your project.

You may only start collecting and processing personal information once the project has been approved. We recommend that you save your statement and registration number for any subsequent inquiries to SDU RIO.

If there are significant changes - prior to receiving your statement - which directly affect your contact with personal information, please send an e-mail with your requested changes and registration number to

Contact the lawyers at SDU RIO


Last Updated 11.05.2020