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Online seminar

Online seminar: Social Media Campaigns, Lobbying and Legislation

Byeong-Hak Choe from University of Wyoming will present his research on Social Media Campaigns, Lobbying and Legislation: Evidence from climatechange / globalwarming and Energy Lobbies

To what extent do social media campaigns compete with fossil fuel lobbying on climate change legislation?

In his article, Byeong-Hak Choe estimates the effect of social media campaigns on a congressperson's legislative activities against climate change actions during the U.S. Congresses (January 2013-January 2019).

He finds that

  1. a 1% increase in the per-capita level of activities of climate change campaigns using Twitter decreases Democrats' tendency to support climate-unfriendly legislation by 0.9%, while it increases Republicans' one by 0.2%;

  2. a 1% increase in the fossil fuel industry's lobbying expenditure relative to the rest of industries' lobbying expenditure increases Republicans' tendency to support climate-unfriendly legislation by 1.1%; and


  3. Republicans are 41.3% points more likely to support climate-unfriendly legislation than Democrats.

He also finds that negative sentiment in social media campaigns contributes to affecting congresspersons' support for climate-unfriendly legislation.

His work includes an empirical model (binary response model) with big data. There is a conceptual framework supporting the empirical model.

Join the seminar

The seminar will be held online on June 9, 2021 from 14.00-15.00 on Zoom:

Participation is for free and without registration.

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