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Co-Financed Research and Innovation Projects

As an interdisciplinary research network that cuts across all faculties of SDU, SECDEF is in a unique position to push the frontiers of excellent research and innovation in the domain of security and defence. It is at the heart of our DNA to pursue these goals in close collaboration with, and of value to, our surrounding environment.

Your institution or company can engage in joint co-financed security and defence-related research and/or innovation projects with researchers at SDU in the context of SECDEF. Projects can be co-financed by the collaborating partners or through public and/or private foundations, such as Innovation Fund Denmark, the Carlsberg Foundation, Horizon Europe, or the European Defence Foundation. The public institution / private company will typically have a strategic interest in the collaboration, while the project should also be of scientific interest and relevance to SECDEF’s researchers.

Contact us

For more information about engaging in co-financed research and/or innovation projects, you can contact SDU RIO by e-mail: or through telephone: 6550 2022.

You are also welcome to directly contact members of SECDEF’s steering committee or relevant researchers listed under the people section.

Examples of our previous co-financed research and innovation projects include: 

- FlexDraper
- Comprehensive Underwater Intervention Information System (CUIIS)
- Physics Guided Data Analysis (PGDA)
- CBCP Project
- De Danske Cybermesterskaber

Last Updated 17.02.2022