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Red Teaming

In line with this often-used practice in our research domain, SECDEF also offers red teaming where we put together a team of experts, who can probe for vulnerabilities and test the resilience of your company or institution’s policies, strategies, technologies, etc.

Red Teaming

One of the services offered by SECDEF’s team of researchers is red teaming. A red team is a team of specialists that is put together with the objective of subjecting a public institution or private company’s strategies, policies, plans, programmes, ideas, assumptions, IT-systems or technologies to rigorous analysis and challenge to stress test and improve their resilience. The use of red teams originates in the intelligence services and armed forces and is increasingly used in commercial enterprises to reduce risks and improve problem solving. 

Given the breadth and depth of our research expertise, SECDEF is in a unique position to put together a team of specialists with different backgrounds that cuts across the traditional distinction between the technological and political domain of security and defence. That is, SECDEF’s two main research clusters on Industrial Development and the Future Battlespace.

In this way, your institution’s policies, systems, or technologies can be scrutinised and challenged from a range of different angles on the basis of rigorous research-based analysis by a team of experts tailored to suit your needs. While our researchers within science and engineering are in a unique position to red team technologies and IT-systems, SDU’s Center for War Studies (CWS) has extensive experience with the red teaming of policy plans and projects in the process towards decision-making and implementation.

In addition, CWS is known for its geostrategic simulations, advanced research workshops, bespoke conferences and lectures, strategic foresight and useful fiction analysis of future warfare, and tailor-made training courses. 

SECDEF’s team of researchers work both nationally and internationally to provide expert services. Previous partners include the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme, NATO Strategic Foresights, NATO’s Allied Command Transformation, the US Air Force, the British Ministry of Defence, the Office of Denmark’s Tech Ambassador, French Armed Forces, and many others. 

Last Updated 14.01.2022