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Commissioned Research and Research-based Consulting

Apart from undertaking joint co-financed research and innovation projects with external partners and stakeholders, SECDEF also offers commissioned research and research-based consulting to individual institutions and companies. Here you can read more about the nature of these opportunities for collaboration and the concrete services we offer within as well as across the two excellence clusters.

Your institution or company can also get access to the knowledge and expertise of SECDEF’s researchers in the framework of commissioned research or research-based consulting. In the case of commissioned research, all expenses are covered by the external partner, while research-based consulting services are priced according to market terms. The specific nature and terms of the collaboration are negotiated in the contract. 

Examples of the research-based consulting services that we offer within the industrial and technological domain of security and defence include security and design of cloud-based systems and computer networks, AI solutions to increase robustness of critical systems and provide decision support, and implementation of tools for data visualization. Examples of the research-based consulting services that we offer in relation to the Future Battlespace include presentations and lectures, strategic foresight analysis workshops, simulation and wargaming exercises, etc.

Contact us

For more information about commissioned research and research-based consulting, you can contact SDU RIO by e-mail: or through telephone: 6550 2022.

You are also welcome to directly contact members of SECDEF’s steering committee or relevant researchers listed under the people section.

Last Updated 17.02.2022