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John McGrath

Professor, Deputy Head of School
School of Biological Sciences

Webpage: John's webpage

Institution: Queen's University Belfast

John’s research is translational and cross-disciplinary in nature which encompasses microbiology, biochemistry, microbial ecology, metagenomics-metatranscriptomics, engineering, and chemistry.  Much of his research effort is devoted to understanding how microbial communities can be managed to remove and recycle value added products from waste, make renewable energy sustainable, and improve human health.  Specifically this work focuses on: 

1. The biogeochemistry of microbial phosphorus and organophosphorus cycling in the marine, freshwater, terrestrial, agri-food and engineered (anaerobic digestor and activated sludge) environments

2. Development of biological and chemical approaches for the removal and/or recovery of high-value compounds from waste eg. phosphorus, ammonia, volatile fatty acids, formaldehyde, herbicides etc)

Twitter: Phosphorus_ie

Link to the Irish Nutrient Sustainability Platform: