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ESR 04

Salman Amjad
Department of Green Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering


Salman Amjad, a chemical engineer from Pakistan, is passionate about renewable energies, chemical and process engineering and holds a deep interest in nutrient recovery from wastewater streams. He has resided in Germany for a few years where he earned his master’s degree from University of Magdeburg Germany before starting his journey with RecaP in Denmark. He earned a master’s degree from the KIC-InnoEnergy Master’s school on full scholarship where he developed and groomed himself as a game changer in energy and environment. 

During his master’s studies tenure, he worked in biomass utilization at the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology, UMSICHT, Germany. His interest in nutrient recovery from wastewater was further deepened when he was working in The institute for Sustainable Technologies, Austria (AE), where he recovered ammonia from wastewater streams using membrane distillation technology.

Having a versatile and multicultural experience abroad, he decided to be a part of Marie Curie RecaP team to continue to improve his professional and personal competencies. He will be developing the novel crystallization processes to recover phosphorus form wastewater streams.

Salman's photo