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ESR 02

Lucas Urbano José
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy


Lucas was born and raised in São Paulo city (Brazil). He lived there for 18 years and then moved to Ribeirão Preto to get a Bachelor in Chemistry (2018) at the University of São Paulo (USP). Back then he worked in a surface physical chemistry and colloids laboratory and found out how interesting modifying surfaces to a certain goal (functionalization) may be.

Following that he moved back to his hometown to get a MSc degree in Chemistry (2021) at the Institute of Chemistry, also from USP. During that time he worked  with a certain class of materials, called layered double hydroxides, that has a wide range of applications - such as environmental remediation. This is why he got so interested in the RecaP initiative: preparing and/or modifying these materials to the main goal of recovering phosphate from water may seem to be a good goal to pursue during times that caring about environment is key to our future as society.