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ESR 09

Juan Serrano


Juan is a chemical engineer from Colombia focused on renewable energies and sustainability. He has a background in chemical recuperation of minerals from waste.

During his bachelors in Chemical Engineering, he was from an early stage involved in a research project for the Process and Product Design Group of the University of Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. A year later, he moved to Germany to study a master’s in Engineering and International Business focused on Renewable Energies, Sustainability and Wastewater Treatment at the SRH University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. At the second year of the master’s he was recruited by the Federal Institute of Material Research and Testing (BAM) to work as a student assistant of research in the Thermochemical Treatment and Nutrient Recovery division.

Within the scope of RecaP Project, Juan will be using his experiences and skills to optimize P utilization by covering market driven functions and requirements with product properties.

Twitter: @JuanSerrano655