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ESR 15

Harrie Mort
School of Earth and Environment


Harrie Mort will be conducting research on how a transdisciplinary approach can be used to develop novel and effective measures for addressing the phosphorus crisis. Her research aims to integrate knowledge from multiple academic disciplines, and non-academic stakeholders, in order to:

  1. Generate an in-depth understanding of the complex socio-ecological system(s) that are contributing to unsustainable phosphorus use at catchment level.
  2. Analyse the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of unsustainable phosphorus use in the catchment.
  3. Develop novel measures for improving the sustainability of phosphorus use.
  4. Integrate process-based phosphorus modelling and socioeconomic modelling to support the assessment of potential future P management scenarios.

Harrie’s enthusiasm for transdisciplinary research is rooted in her own multidisciplinary background. She graduated with an MChem in Biological Chemistry from the University of Sheffield and worked in the in-vitro diagnostics industry, before earning an MA in Science-Technology-Society from the University of Vienna. It is now her aim to use her multi-disciplinary skillset to support improvements in the sustainability of phosphorus use and to contribute to the development of a circular phosphorus economy.

Twitter: @HarrieMort