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ESR 11

Esmaeel Mohammadi
Research & Development


Esmaeel Mohammadi is an Iranian Environmental Engineer from Maragheh, who is interested in environmental protection, novel green processes, sustainable economy, computer programming, and application of Artificial Intelligence in engineering problems.

During four years of studying BSc in Chemical Engineering at the university, he became a Research Assistant at Reactor and Catalysis Research Center which helped him to improve his laboratory and teamwork skills, due to his deep passion for research. Consequently, this experience allowed him to work on his idea of biodiesel production to focus on air pollution reduction. After starting his career as a Master's student in Environmental Engineering he participated in a project to study Energy, Environmental and Economic policies for a low carbon society via Computable General Equilibrium Models (GEM-E3). His master's thesis was to synthesize novel 3D adsorbents for removing wastewater contaminants such as dyes and heavy metals prior to modeling the process with AI methods. After finishing the experimental section, he used “Artificial Neural Networks” to model the treatment process of dyes and compared them with actual rates.

Within the RecaP project as a Ph.D. fellow at Kruger A/S (Denmark), Esmaeel will use his engineering and programming background to develop a novel control strategy based on deep learning models for the Bio-P process. Planned results will improve the efficiency of Phosphorus removal and recovery methods in WWTPs.