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Research Unit of Oto Rhino Laryngology (Odense)


Organisation OtoRhinoLaryngology

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Christian Godballe, professor in ORL, Head of Research, and Head of Graduate Scholl, Faculty of Health Sciences, SDU. Primary research areas are head and neck cancer including thyroid cancer, thyroid surgery, fast track cancer programs, and imaging in head and neck cancer.

Christian Godballe

Tobias Neher, professor in technical audiology. Primary areas of interest are the mechanisms behind different types of hearing deficits, their functional consequences, and the question of how they can be rehabilitated.

Tobias Neher

Anette Drøhse Kjeldsen is Professor in Rhinology and Vascular Malformations especially regarding Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. Her special interests are surgical and inflammatory diseases in the nose and sinuses. She is Chair of the National Danish HHT center and Participate in the European Reference network VASCERN.

Anette Kjeldsen


Annual Reports

We produce an annual report every year. It provides an overview of our research activities and including projects, teaching, supervision, funding, publications, and scientific meetings.

Annual Report 2020 (PDF)

Annual Report 2021 (PDF)

Annual Report 2022 (PDF)

Last Updated 20.10.2023