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We are looking for young people who want to help develop rural youth life

Are you aged 15-25, living in the countryside and interested in culture? And would you like to help make rural areas more attractive to young people by developing the cultural offer in the countryside? Then read on.

By Camilla Wissing Mortensen, , 7/1/2022

In a major new EU project, a number of partners have teamed up to learn more about what it's like to be young in the countryside and what opportunities young people in remote areas have for youth culture.

The goal is to create better cultural offerings together with young people and make it more attractive for them to live in rural areas.

We are therefore looking for culturally interested young people from the Region of Southern Denmark who want to tell us about what it is like to be young in the countryside and about the opportunities for youth culture in rural areas.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for young people aged 15-25 who live in rural or remote areas of the Region of Southern Denmark and who either arrange, participate in or are interested in culture - and this includes everything from art and knitting clubs to role-playing and music festivals.

What should the participants do?

Participating in the project is not time-consuming and there is no preparation. We need participants' help for two things:

  • To take part in a 10-minute telephone interview, where we ask about what it is like to be young in the countryside and what opportunities youth culture offers.
  •  To help us gather and invite other young people from the local areas to a Facebook group where we will discuss different topics that can bring us closer to what youth culture in the countryside is and what can be done to improve it.

Join the project

To participate in the project, please contact Research Assistant Maja Theresia Jensen at: or call 61469306 

What will this knowledge be used for?

The knowledge we gain through telephone interviews and Facebook debates will be used in a big EU project, R You Cult, which is a collaboration between the University of Southern Denmark and the Region of Southern Denmark, as well as partners from both the Netherlands and Finland.

The project aims to develop the skills of cultural workers so that they can create better cultural offers together with the young people. This is done through the development of a universal training programme for cultural operators in rural municipalities and cultural institutions across the EU.

The project is supported by the European Erasmus+ fund.

You can read more about the project here.
Editing was completed: 01.07.2022