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Teaching activities

The Sociology research group is responsible for running the Bachelor programme in Sociology and Cultural Analysis as well as the Master’s programme in Cultural Sociology at the University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg. Almost all teaching is undertaken by the group members. This ensures a comprehensive, research-based teaching practice. Courses are continuously developed in accordance with the research activities of the group. We also ensure that students always have easy access to all group members.

Our main paedagogical principle is to train students to become researchers. Hence, we teach them how to systematically identify, delimit and describe a relevant research problem, undertake data collection and analyse the data by use of theoretical concepts. This takes place in so-called semester projects, where the students are expected to undertake their own investigations of real-world problems, sometimes cooperating with private and public organisations. Overall, we attempt to create a close contact between students and the members of the research group by including the former in our own research activities and when relevant, co-authoring reports, feature articles and journal articles.

In order to equip the students to undertake their semester projects, most semesters include both relevant theory courses and courses on methodology. The goal is to educate skilful, reflexive and independent academics for the contemporary and future labour market.