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The Centre for AI Science and Applications brings together all the expertise from the researchers in computer science, bioinformatics, statistics, computational science and applied mathematics at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science on AI related areas for the purpose of supporting cross-departmental, interdisciplinary collaborations, technology transfer towards industry and business areas and educational activities within AI. 



Algorithms are the fundamental building blocks of computer science and at the core of any AI application. The researchers in the Algorithms section are leading the way in developing fast algorithms and applications thereof. 

Computational Science

Computational Science is modern science using computers to simulate mathematical models of reality, making precise predictions of processes and phenomena in the world around us possible. The researchers at the section for Computational Science are experts in the development of such models as well as computational simulations that can test their validity. 

Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Programming Languages (ACP)

Our researchers in the ACP section are breaking new ground in and establishing synergies between the fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and programming technology. 

Data Science and Statistics (DSS)

Combining their expertise in machine learning, statistics and optimization, the researchers in the DSS section develop and evaluate data-driven methods. By applying these methods across a wide range scientific and societal areas, they create value and knowledge from data. 

SDU eScience Center

The SDU eScience Center hosts state-of-the-art computational infrastructure for High Performance Computing and data management, for the benefit of academia as well as industry.

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Last Updated 03.08.2021