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Cases and collaborations

The world of AI is developing rapidly with the advancement of technology, and applications of AI are becoming ubiquitous in almost all parts of academia and society. Our researchers are involved in a wide range of collaborations through which methods and techniques of AI are developed and applied. Here we show three examples of such projects. 


Logo Drones4Energy


Drones4Energy aims to build a collaborative, autonomous, and continuously operating drone system that will be offered to powerline operators to inspect the power grid accurately, frequently, and autonomously.

Logo for Drones4Safety

The aim of Drones4Safety (D4S) is to develop a system of autonomous, self-charging, and collaborative drones that can inspect a big portion of transportation infrastructures in a continuous operation.

Logo FeatureCloud


FeatureCloud is a novel artificial intelligence (AI) platform, based on a groundbreaking new cloud infrastructure to integrate local AI globally without the need for any transfer of primary medical data – totally anonymous by default. 

Logo for MATOMIC


The obesity pandemic in westernised countries calls for novel therapeutic approaches in order to improve the life of affected individuals and to lower the societal burden. Changes in the microbiome composition poses a promising strategy for obesity treatment, however, the effects of such interventions are unfortunately far from being understood.

The MATOMIC center attacks this fundamental problem by a synergistic combination of advanced mathematical modelling techniques and wet-lab experimentation, which will culminate in a predictive model of how interventions affect the structure and composition of the microbiome.

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