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Arthur Zimek

Centre director, Professor

Phone: +45 65 50 90 71

Arthur Zimek is Professor for Computer Science at IMADA, SDU, and Head of the Section Data Science and Statistics. He has a background in bioinformatics, philosophy, and theology, involving studies at universities in Germany (TUM, HfPh, LMU Munich, and JGU Mainz) as well as Austria (LFU Innsbruck). He had previous positions at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU), Germany, Technical University Vienna, Austria, and University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

His research area is in data mining and machine learning, with more than 100 papers published at peer reviewed international conferences and journals, and with more than 10000 citations.

He is editorial board member of the leading journals Machine Learning (Springer) and Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Springer).

Keywords: Data mining, machine learning, unsupervised learning, ensemble techniques, clustering, outlier detection, anomaly detection, high dimensional data, evaluation methodology, explainable AI (XAI).