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Information for patients

How this treatment can help you

This treatment is aimed at you, who has been diagnosed with ischemic heart disease and show symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.
Specifically, this treatment can help you to:

  • Worry less in your daily life, and find it easier to manage your anxiety.
  • Begin to look differently on some of those things, that have become more difficult after you have suffered from heart disease.
  • Breaking the vicious cycle of depression, which makes you lack of energy and lack of desire to do things you previously enjoyed.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment takes 9-12 weeks and is an (so called) online therapist-assisted psychological treatment. This means that you can sit at ease in your own home, and work on the treatment on the online platform. In other words, you can access the treatment when it suits you.

You will continuously get access to different steps in the treatment as you progress. Each step of the treatment contains some text you need to read, and some exercises you must do. Most of the steps also contain concrete psychological tools, you can use in your daily life.

You will get a therapist assigned, which is either a psychologist or a psychologist student, on the master level – who will receive supervision from a fully educated psychologist. Your therapist will continuously help you and available to you during the course of the treatment. During the treatment you will have a few phone calls with your therapist, who will also be reachable using the messaging system on the platform.

Is the treatment different, because it’s a research project?

For the most part the treatment is not different, even though it’s a research project. But because it’s a research project, you will have to fill out some questionnaires, during the course of treatment.  The answers to the questionnaires will help decide whatever the treatment works or not, and how the treatment can be improved in the future.

A patient's experience with eMindYourHeart, 2020 (in Danish)

Last Updated 19.10.2023