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Odense Respiratory Research Unit (ODIN)

About the research unit

Our research on respiratory medicine is both internationally recognized and fully integrated with the everyday clinical practice of both health care professionals, students at the department as well as the everyday life of the patients and their relatives. As such we seek to improve the well-being of patients with respiratory symptoms or disease.


ODIN conducts research within all areas of modern clinical respiratory medicine. Within several areas the research being conducted at ODIN is at the highest international level, but we aim at striking a balance between ensuring a continuous development of existing research areas at an international level, and at the same time ensuring and supporting the development of less established areas.

More detailed information regarding specific research within the different clinical areas can be found in the dedicated sections.

At ODIN the following main criteria are used when selecting which new research areas and projects should be prioritised:

  1. Clinical research with a strong patient involvement
  2. Research supporting establishment of new highly specialized functions
  3. Research supporting evidence-based respiratory medicine for all patients seen at the Department of Respiratory Medicine at OUH
  4. Research supporting recruitment of new talents and clinical researcher career pathways for junior and senior researchers
  5. Research supporting education and training 

Head of research

Clinical professor Christian B. Laursen

Contact information

Last Updated 20.10.2023