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History of protein mass spectrometry and the Protein Research Group

Peter Roepstorff established mass spectrometry as a new and rather exotic tool in the (then) Department of Molecular Biology with the aim to investigate proteins and their post-translational modifications. This vision still lives today and mass spectrometry is now an integrated part of modern cell biology and proteomics research in biology, biomedicine and clinical studies at universities, hospitals, biotech and pharma companies around the world. 

Today, the Protein Research Group at the SDU Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Odense encompasses eight principal investigators and more than 50 researchers, staff and students. The eight principal investigators develop and apply mass spectrometry to study the composition, structure and function of proteins, nucleic acids and glycans and their roles in health and disease.

We are part of national and international research consortia and several research centers. We collaborate with the pharma and biotech industries, including industrial phd-students and postdocs. We contribute to the education and training of the next generation of scientists.

We are an international research group that values collaboration, openness and sharing of information in the pursuit of novel biomedical and biological discoveries.

The Protein Research Group has access to world-class laboratories and bioanalytical technology platforms at SDU.

Peter Roepstorff

Last Updated 30.09.2020