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Name Description Publication
PolySTest Robust statistical testing of quantitative proteomics data.


Schwämmle et al., 2020


eLearning web-application aimed to help teaching Orbitrap mass spectrometry


Bubis et al., 2020




R based software for supervised analysis of changes in protein complex abundance and subunit co-expression in proteomic datasets


Michalak et al., 2019




Tool to investigate the co-regulatory behavior and its significance of protein subunits in known protein complexes


Chalabi et al., 2019


ProtProtocols and IsoProt


Containerized workflows for proteomics data analysis


Griss et al., 2019




Confident identification of citrullinated peptide


Larsen et al., 2020




Automatic and systemic investigation of MS/MS fragmentation methods on an orbitrap instrument platform and systematic analysis of the resultant spectra.


Shliaha et al., 2018




Feature-based variance-sensitive clustering of omics data.


Schwämmle et al., 2018




Quantitative proteomics data processing approach that uses complementary fragment ions to identify multiple coisolated peptides in tandem mass spectra allowing for their quantification.


Gorshkov et al., 2015




Deconvolution of multiple fragmented peptides using the relation between a2/b2 and the yn-2 ions found in HCD spectra.


Kryuchkov et al., 2014




Platform to collect, statistically assess and analyze multiply modified proteins and provide a quantitative estimation of PTM crosstalk


Schwämmle et al., 2014




An approach for phospho-site localization by the combined use of peptide fragmentation with both CID and ETD.


Hansen et al., 2012




A software tool for the analysis of data from chemical cross-linking experiments.


Rasmussen et al., 2011




Software tool for analyzing proteins and peptides


GitHub projects


Source code and documentation of current and former software developments


Bitbucket projects


Source code and documentation of current and former software developments


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