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Student projects

As a student in our group you will join relatively small (<10) but highly collaborative team. At the same time you will be become part of Protein Research Group of which the Protein Oxidation and Ageing is one out of eight subgroups. We share laboratory facilities and exchange expertise, have large biweekly meetings and common social activities. Besides the daily contact in the laboratory, we meet at least every second week and share knowledge and discuss results and help each other proceed in our projects.

Teamwork is a central part of our daily work.

As a research group we have a worldwide network (explore it here). This opens up for possibilities to make part of your project abroad, e.g. in Slovenia, Norway, China, USA or South Africa.

We have many different student projects

Most projects involve laboratory work such as growing cells in cultures, carrying out microscopy observations of cells, immunostaining of cells, making ELISA and other high throughput tests of cells viability or functions; separation of proteins by gel-electrophoresis, and analysis of samples by applying various mass spectrometry-based strategies. The often very complex data sets obtained from the laboratory work are analysed in the light of the biological question asked. Alternatively, a project may involve very little or no laboratory work but instead focus on analysing existing proteomic or lipidomic data or creating software solutions for specific challenges within data analysis.

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