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Yen-Ting Chen

PhD student
Dept. of Biology, Nordcee and HADAL

Phone: 0045 91983649

Hadal trenches, comprising less than 0.5% of the global seafloor with depths ranging from 6 to 11 kilometers, are hotspots for the accumulation and remineralization of organic carbon in the deep sea. The trench sediments harbor distinct but highly diverse bacterial and archaeal assemblages that facilitate key ecosystem functions. However, the sources and the processes shaping the diversity and distribution of these microbial communities remain elusive. Non-prokaryotic microbes such as viruses and marine fungi might significantly contribute to the biogeochemical cycling in the trench sediments, but investigations on their diversity and function were limited. My project aims to explore the biogeography, ecological succession, and overlooked eukaryotic and viral diversity of hadal microbes across various trenches. Employing high-resolution geochemical measurements, metagenomic sequencing data, and manipulative experiments, I aim to elucidate the drivers behind the biodiversity and ecosystem functions of hadal microbes.